Accelerator-free Nitrile gloves used with chemicals

Accelerator-free nitrile gloves have gained widespread popularity among users due to their performance, quality, and dermatologic features. Accelerators are used to speed up production by making each step of the processing phase more efficient. But accelerators are not all good, as some accelerators are known to cause allergies and Type IV hypersensitivity. Studies show that an increasing number of people are developing allergies due to the use of accelerators in gloves. Accelerator-free gloves provide the same strength, elasticity, and chemical resistance as regular nitrile gloves, but the absence of accelerators makes production more difficult and slower. Because of this, accelerator-free gloves are significantly more expensive, but the premium alternative for any user, and a necessity for people with Type IV hypersensitivity. You can benefit from using nitrile gloves without accelerators in several industries, including healthcare, automotive, electronics manufacturing, food processing, oil and gas, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical production lines where you would typically use nitrile gloves all-day

What is Accelerator-Free Nitrile Gloves?

Accelerators such as dithiocarbamates, thiurams, and mercaptobenzothiazoles are commonly used in regular nitrile gloves. Depending on the manufacturer, they might use between 1-6 different accelerators in the production. These accelerants facilitate the formation of the glove’s final form, making it cheaper, faster, and easier to produce. In the process, these accelerants are sometimes left on the glove, harming humans and the environment. Accelerator-free nitrile gloves are nitrile gloves that have no chemical accelerants used in the production process. They are made using the same raw material as regular nitrile gloves but with a slightly different formula without the accelerators. Because of this, they are better for the user and the environment.

Benefits of gloves without accelerators

  • Nitrile Gloves were invented as an allergy-safe alternative to natural latex gloves. However, with daily use, studies show that the user might develop Type IV hypersensitivity. With accelerator-free gloves, you have a safe alternative to regular nitrile gloves that even people who have already developed Type IV hypersensitivity can use. 
  • As no harmful chemicals are used in the production, the gloves are less harmful to mother earth.
  • Nitrile gloves without accelerators feel softer and more flexible than regular nitrile gloves, giving a premium feel to them.

Why is there a growing demand for accelerator-free nitrile gloves?

The focus on dermatology has never been more pronounced. We are more aware of how we treat our skin than ever before, and we try to limit our use of chemicals as much as possible. This are the main reasons people are slowly starting to demand gloves without accelerators used in production.

However, even with these things in mind, most consumers and professionals are still unaware of the rising problem of people developing allergies from accelerators and how they can benefit from gloves without.  

How to choose the best Accelerator-free Nitrile Gloves?

There are many excellent choices for gloves produced without accelerators, but if you already have a favorite brand of nitrile gloves, ask your supplier if they can order the same gloves without accelerators. If not, why not try our PROSENSO™ BIODEGRADABLE accelerator-free nitrile gloves? Not only are the gloves accelerator-free, but they are also biodegradable. In short, that means they will fully degrade in 3-5 years, whereas regular nitrile gloves take between 100-200 years. PROSENSO™ BIODEGRADABLE will, by guarantee, be softer and more comfortable to 

wear than your regular nitrile gloves while offering the same protection.


Accelerator-free nitrile gloves offer many advantages over traditional nitrile gloves. They are safer for users since no chemical accelerators are used in production; they’re more eco-friendly with less potential for contamination from chemicals used in the production; they often feel softer and more elastic; and they can be used in a wide range of applications.

If you’re in the market for nitrile gloves, be sure to check the product label. If no accelerants are listed, or you see the label “Accelerator-free”, you’ve got yourself a pair of accelerator-free nitrile gloves.