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Eastwest Medico is a family-owned company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. We are a manufacturer of different medical devices with a core-focus on surgical gloves made from Flexylon™ and examination gloves made of Nitrile. Our gloves are manufactured under our brand-name PROSENSO™ which also covers latex gloves, vinyl gloves, and CPE/TPE gloves. You can read more about PROSENSO™ at Our business model is simple: We only supply the highest quality from ethically sourced factories at the best prices.

For your safety, we are approved as a manufacturer, importer, and distributor of medical devices by the Danish Medicine Agency. We work with DIEH (Danish Initiative for Ethical Trade) and are dedicated to Ethical Trading in all aspects of our company. Our products are meticulously certified by all the needed authorities in the EU and the US. We have our own people on the ground in Asia to conduct quality control, and for your peace of mind, we always contract SGS or TÜV to do third-party evaluations and tests on every single LOT/batch.

We are proud to be part of the Ferrovial Covid19 effort

We just received this letter from the Spanish company Ferrovial. They are a leading company in the development of transport infrastructure, mobility solutions, engineering and constructor of civil works and buildings around the world.

Ferrovial is dedicated to fighting Covid19 and have established a fund to do so. Eastwest Medico contributes to the fight by delivering 600.000 masks and 10.000 protective glasses to Ferrovial in 2 weeks.

It really makes us happy when a client appreciates our efforts and even finds the time to send us a letter about it.

Thank you for this, Ferrovial Services.

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High volume, fast delivery protective products

Due to the positive development of the Covid19 in East Asia the CE/FDA approved Chine factories we are partnering with have a large stock of different products like FFP2 and FFP3 respiratory masks, nitril disposable gloves, disposable gowns, protective glasses and more.


The content of a test kit

Our COVID-19 Test Kit contains 25 test cassettes, buffer solution, pipettes, lancets, package insert and Quick Reference Guide for sample collection and results interpretation. The test may be performed using whole blood, serum or plasma and results are available in 15 minutes.

How does the Sars-CoV-2 test work?